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We are commited to helping raise the national average credit score.
Credit Game University, created by our top guru, Mike, is the first ever collection of courses that are revolutionary, digital and interactive. These courses teach you, from beginner to expert, the proprietary methods Mike used himself to go from a 515 credit score to 829! Below you will see just how Mike did it using the Lambo program.

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We have developed the world’s FIRST revolutionary credit platform, Credit Game University. Firstly, this program will guide you through building a solid credit foundation. After that, flowing to the most sought after ADVANCED credit knowledge in the industry.

Can you remember the last time in high school or college they taught you about credit or finances? NEVER HAPPENED!

Did you have your mommy or daddy as your credit superhero growing up? UNLIKELY!

Mike propelled his credit score into the low to mid 800s and has helped thousands of people improve their credit. In other words, by applying the same techniques shared in this online educational platform called Credit Game University.

"Your credit is not going to fix itself, make the decision today to change your financial situation for you and your family!"
- Mike from The Credit Game
Are You Applying For Cards and Loans and Getting Denied?
Watch The Video Below On Our Most Popular Course: The Platinum Edition! (Lambo)
  • ​Highest level of credit and financial scaling on the planet.
  • ​Free Lambo elite credit repair through our VIP vendor. Results in 45 days.
  • Up to 75% off competitor prices on tradelines through our VIP vendor
  • 6 months of time with Mike himself weekly to personally help you scale your credit, business, or business idea
  • ​Mike’s seven year journey, creating 8-figure credit repair and tradeline company step-by-step
  • Exact blueprint on how Mike went from 515 to 817 credit score fast
  • ​Program designed for only the serious people looking to invest in their credit, business or business idea. “This changes lives”. I’ve helped countless people become 6- and 7-figure earners with this program.
  • ​Proprietary letters provided to remove anything negative on your credit report (same letters Mike’s used to create 8-figure business)
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