The Credit Game

The Secrets & Strategies you will learn here are not taught in Schools!
We Make You Look Better Without Effort
Learn beginner to expert how credit works in your life and how to be successful with credit
The Credit Game is an interactive video series where Mike teaches you what your Mommy, Daddy & schools don't teach about credit. (These videos are NOT found on Youtube).
50+ Life-changing credit training videos
  • Hours of exclusive video content teaching you the secrets Creditors don't want you to know.
  • Quizzes to test and reinforce your credit knowledge
  • Certificate provided upon successful completion
Chapter 1 - What is credit?
Here is where we dive deep into the basics of what credit is and how to understand your credit report.

Chapter 2 - Establishing good credit
Mike provides a clear path to establishing good credit and an understanding of how to leverage it to your advantage.

Chapter 3 - Mistakes can be made
At this point you'll have an understanding of your credit report. Now we can teach you the techniques of challenging negative inaccurate items.

Chapter 4 - Raising your credit score
The importance of paying your bills on time will be discussed.

Chapter 5 - Know what credit services are available
There are more services available out there other than credit repair that can benefit you. In this chapter I'll introduce you to what those are and how to use them to achieve your credit goals.

Advanced Bonus Content Added Regularly
The Credit Game is a complete new and exclusive way to gain credit financial knowledge. Bonus content is added regularly to keep you winning in the Credit Game. Our interactive platform stays updated given the ever changing industry. Take the leap to helping yourself and others rejuvenate their credit with The Credit Game interactive video series. Get started with The Credit Game Now.
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